About Us

To customer

To be customer-oriented, respect for others, the perspective-taking, be proactive, honest and trustworthy

To products

Keep improving, eager to innovative, high quality

To staff

Solidarity and collaboration, affectionate and cooperative, discipline ourselves, professional and enterprising

To service

Efficient and fast arrival, enthusiastic and thoughtful, willing to communicate, superior consciousness

Factory production process Hot rolled coil- - -slitting - - -rolling- - -annealing- - -cleaning- - -pulling correction- - -Vertical shear / transverse shear- - -packaging shipment.

Reasons of choosing us
Spot inventory is sufficient- – – – – – – -efficiency guarantee
Only factory production- – – – – – – – – -quality control
Industry senior manufacturers- – -preferential price

1 Communicate stainless steel material purchasing requirements

2 Stainless steel price and delivery date

3 Confirm cooperation, sign the single contract

4 Package the goods and deliver them to the customer

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