How to cut the stainless steel plates

  1.  Manual cut saw cut

Hot cutting, hand-held cut saw cutting way is stainless steel plate doesn’t move, cut saw blade rolling cutting. Table type cut saw cutting way: stainless steel plate which needed to be cut can be fixed on the table type cutting saw, as long as not bigger than the cutting saw placement space, can be cut. Handheld cutting saw blade radius within 2 inches, cutting plate thickness should not be bigger than the radius of cutting saw blade. Desktop cutting saw blade is larger, the cutting thickness can be thicker, generally cutting saws are cutting strip objects. Cutting characteristics,: cutting surface is not smooth, carbonization is serious, cutting size is not accurate, cutting precision requirements are not high, convenient cutting.

  •  Plasma cutting

Hot cutting, the cutting principle of heating to an extremely high temperature and being highly ionized gas, to transfer the arc power to the workpiece. High heat melting workpiece, forming the working state of sub-arc cutting, cutting characteristics: the edge carbonization trace is obvious, the edge is not smooth, can cut the thickness of the very thick stainless steel plate, to supplement the lack of laser cutting. Can be cut not more than 120mm thickness of stainless steel plate, the most common daily processing range, 20mm- -120mm thickness of stainless steel plate.

  •  Laser cutting

Hot cutting, the laser by horizontal laser beam by 45°full mirror into vertical downward laser beam, after the lens focus, focus into a small light spot, spot on the material, the material is quickly heated to vaporization temperature, evaporation form hole, with the beam of the material, and with auxiliary gas (carbon dioxide gas, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) blow away the melting slag, make the hole continuously form very narrow width (such as about 0.1mm) cut, complete the cutting of the material. Cutting characteristics: the cutting and segmentation surface is relatively smooth, the cutting surface does not appear obvious carbonization, and the high cutting accuracy is generally within 10 filaments error. Can cut different shapes, cutting efficiency is very high.

  •  Plate shearing machine

Cold cutting, stainless steel cold rolled plate and stainless steel hot rolled middle plate, are usually cut in this way, hydraulic shear plate, processing plate thickness range: 0.8-16 mm. Cutting characteristics: because the cutting needs to move the stainless steel plate back and forth, the stainless steel plate may rub between the equipment and the stainless steel plate, so the plate surface may be slightly scratched, cutting can only be straight, the cutting method is the knife type, from top to down. Additional cut stainless steel plates above 3mm may edge an R Angle. Unlike the laser cutting plate surface is completely flat. It is Cold cutting, so the plate surface will not be carbonized, after cutting, it is still stainless steel natural color.

  •  Line cutting

Cold cutting, the working principle is using a fine metal wire (copper wire or molybdenum wire) as the electrode, the workpiece for pulse spark discharge cut shape. General wire cutting is often used in the use of molds. Most wire cutting is the processing of relatively small parts.The cutting characteristic: slow cutting speed, high accuracy, high price.

  •  Water knife cutting

Cold cutting, cutting principle is to use the cold cutting equipment of ultra-high pressure water jet for cold cutting. It is mainly composed of high pressure pump, CNC machining platform, jet cutting head, sand supply system and cooling system. Most cutting stainless steel thick plates’ cutting characteristics: cutting accuracy is higher than the sawing bed, close to the laser cutting, cutting speed is very slow.

In practical applications, a wide range of cutting methods of cutting stainless steel plate are laser cutting, Plate shearing machine cutting and water knife cutting.