Carbon Steel Rebar

Product Name Carbon Steel Rebar /Deformed Steel Bar
Diameter 6mm-50mm
Length 6m,12m, or other length as required
Material HRB335,HRB400,HRB500,HRB400E,HRB500E
Surface Treatment Epoxy coating, screw-thread, galvanized
Technique TMT(Thermo-Mechanical-Treatment),hot rolled ribbed,  prestressed
Application Structure pipe in constructions, low pressure fluid service, bridge, highway, windows of model steel door, fence, heating facilities etc.
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There are two commonly used classification methods of rebar: one is according to the geometric shape, this classification method mainly reflects the grip performance of rebar. The second is the performance classification (grade), in addition can also be classified according to the use of rebar, such as divided into reinforced concrete with ordinary steel and reinforced concrete with heat treatment steel.



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