Stainless steel plate cold rolling coil, equipment processing parameters: thickness 0.1-3mm, width 4-2000, length 100-9000mm, material 201,304,304L, 316L, 309S,310S,2205.

Precision stainless steel plate, 1/2H,3/4H,H,EH, spring steel plate of different hardness

Stainless steel hot rolled slab production line

Stainless steel slab is the raw material of stainless steel hot rolled coil. The quality of stainless steel slab determines the basic quality, composition and mechanical properties of hot rolled coil. It’s a very important part.

Stainless steel slab common steel 304, 17-4pH,316L,201,202

Stainless steel pipe production site

Stainless steel tube bright surface is not easy to rust, suitable for use in a variety of corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant environment. Environmental protection and value preservation. Even if turned into scrap, it is also very valuable.

forge shop Stainless steel

Forging can improve the mechanical strength and crystal structure of metal. Generally, the diameter of bar processing is 40-1000mm, and the length can be up to 13m. 201  1045  45CRMO 303  304  316L  17-4PH

Stainless steel bar workshop

Stainless steel rod rolling processing introduction, processing diameter 5-130mm, length is not more than 13m, the surface of the product after rolling is oxidized, the color is black, customers need bright rod, black rod as raw material, and then surface processing.

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